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Industrialist ( Since 1978 ).
  • Suncity Thread Limited (C.M.D.) (Sewing Threads)
  • Suryanagri Synthetic Pvt. Ltd. (M.D.)  (Industrial Threads)
  • Mahaveer Udhyog (Partner) (Moli & Poojan Products)
Shri Anil Kothari
Social Worker.
(Chairman of WHO. Associated with many social Orgainisations.)
Recognized Politician ( Since 1998 ). Rajasthan Rajya Pramukh Shiv Sena
Founder & Sanchalak of A Successfull & Historical AIIMS Andolan at Jodhpur.
(100 Acres Land from State Govt. on Cost of Rs. 1/- and From Govt of Indian Rs.850 Crore Budget for establishment of AIIMS in Jodhpur (CAZRI)).
Publisher of "Rajasthan Prime Pages".
(700 pages encyclopedia of Rajasthan.)
Writer and publisher of "Its time for Action"
A book about youth awareness. Available on
Anand Dham....
"Actually this Project came in mind by Grace of God, Looking to the Present Situation of Old Age People Due to Adoption of Western Culture & more of Generation Gap with Busy Schedule of Life."
Family Status
Two Married Daughters Ridhi W/o Harish Bhandari & Sidhi W/o Kunal Bafna
Nati & Natin : Taksh Bhandari, Honisha & Dhanisha Bafna
No Son
B. Com.