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About Anand Dham

The Main Aim Behind Invention of Anand Dham is to Serve All Those Senior citizen who live alone and Suffer a Boring Life by any Cause. The traditional support structure of the family is increasingly unable to cope with the problem. In a world where the joint family is breaking down, and children are unable to take care of their parents, millions of elderly face destiution The emerging demographic profile and socio-economic scenario of the country indicate that matters will worsen dramatically in the years to come.

  • Anand Dham is non-commercial organization to support individuals age 50 and older, including underserved seniors, to enrich their luxurious lives and other benefits.
  • Anand Dham Provides libraries, Health Club, Shopping mall, Banking, Hospitality, Theater and all those modern facilities for a better 50 plus living.
  • The aim of anand dham is to serve better and healthy environment by supporting and promoting ideas of youths.
  • looking to the present situation of socity the upliftment of ANAND DHAM is essential for old age. For Old Age People Due to Adoption of Western Culture & More of Generation Gap with Busy Schedule of Life.
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Chairman & Managing trustee
Shri. Anil Kothari (Industrialist)
Businessman & Astrologer
Shri Manmohan Bhaiya
Shri Manoj Bansal
Shri Kedar Mishra
Level Five Star
Rs. 525000
Level Three Star
Rs. 125000
Level One Star
Rs. 51000